When testing the capacity of the battery, but especially when testing the life span of the battery under certain conditions, it is wise to use automation software. This ensures safe and automatic storage of the measurement data. In addition, it also concerns an unambiguous test and the necessary safety with stop criteria that can be programmed.

Below we make an overview of the bi-directional DC power supplies in the assortment of TTMS with the corresponding possibilities for automation.


The R&S NGM200 series bi-directional DC power supplies/meter from Rohde&Schwarz with one or two channels. Max 20V, max 6A, max 60W per channel. With internal battery charge and discharge function and data logging. An ideal instrument for testing small battery cells.

The IT-M3400 series bi-directional power supplies are available in 200W, 400W and 800W. And this model series starts with a voltage range of 0-60V and a current range of 0-30A.

Itech IT-M3400 ultra compact bi-directional DC power supplies

Unique to the IT-M3400 ultra compact two quadrant power supplies is the comprehensive integrated test and function for battery charging and discharging. During testing, safety limits for current, voltage, capacity and charging time can be set. If these are exceeded, the power supply stops its charging or discharging cycle. This power supply also has a connection for a temperature sensor so that this can also be taken into account during charging and discharging.

The NL series from H&H consists of a range of two quadrant and four quadrant DC power supplies in a power range of 200W to 3600W. At a maximum voltage of 10V, you still have a maximum current of 20A. These models can also be provided with a temperature measurement option for protection. The battery test software is included with these units free of charge.

And then we have the 17011 series of multi-channel battery cell testers from the company Chroma. This series consists of 8, 12 or 16 channel mainframes which can be linked to a maximum of 48 channels. The voltages run from 5V to 10V and the maximum current is 100A per channel. Chroma has extensive battery test software for maximum test flexibility and reporting. Control of, for example, a climate chamber is also integrated. And again, the system can be expanded with temperature measurements.


The above-mentioned Itech IT-M3400 models are also available in voltage ranges up to 150V, 300V and 600V. In addition, you can easily integrate the power supplies in a master/slave configuration giving you an extremely flexible set-up for a wide range of battery modules up to 4800W and more. The M3400 series is also regenerative when discharging.

The aforementioned H&H Ql series also has several models up to 3600W and suitable for voltages up to 100V.

IT6000The Itech IT-6000C series is available from 5kW to 18kW and is available in a voltage range of 80V, 300V, 500V, 800V and 1500V. These units, like the Itech M3400 series, have a possibility to program charge or discharge cycles in the unit itself with the necessary stop criteria. These units are regenerative whereby the energy absorbed in the discharge function is returned to the grid.

Chroma 17020

For multi-channel systems it is again interesting to look at the Chroma 17020 series. There are options in a voltage range of 20V, 60V, 100V, 200V and 500V with 600W, 1250W and 2500W power modules. The power modules can be combined in systems from 1 to 56 channels. For higher powers, multiple modules can be combined again in a master/slave setup. The extensive battery testing software from Chroma makes this a very suitable system for cycle testing of multiple modules.


For testing of high power battery packs Cinergia offers the B2C series of bi-directional DC power supplies. The modules consist of 15kW, 20kW, 30kW, 40kW, 50kW, 60kW, 80kW, 100kW, 108kW, 145kW and 160kW. All have a voltage range of 0-750V (800V optional) and a very wide current range. The great advantage of this is that (depending on the model) from, for example, 250V all the maximum power is available. In addition, these units have the possibility of a peak load of twice the nominal power for a short period of time.

The Cinergia modules can be connected in series or parallel to test systems of 1500V and more as 1.2MW. All modules can also be used separately. The Cinergia units come with extensive battery test software.

And also from Chroma we have battery pack testing systems. This is the Chroma 17040 series with a capacity of 120kW, 180kW, 250kW or 300kW. The voltage range is from 0-1000V and the current range is from 0-750A max. And of course also here an extensive software package.


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Arnold Memelink

Arnold Memelink


"The ABB Power Grids Jumet organisation is an innovative development and production facility of ABB that manufactures active filters and battery energy storage systems to support a stable grid. To test these systems we have acquired two Cinergia GE/EL +120kVA eplus units capable of doing grid emulation (AC + DC), operating as an electronic load (AC +DC) and being a battery emulator. We have experienced very good support from TTMS in obtaining these two Cinergia units. This included organising an on-site demonstration and supplying loan systems prior to the delivery of our final systems. This way we could start testing as early as possible. TTMS also organised training for the operators from the original manufacturer. This support allowed us to introduce the first battery energy storage systems even prior to the full delivery of the Cinergia systems."

University of Luxembourg

Sasan Rafii-Tabrizi

University of Luxembourg

“At the Energy and Environment department of the Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine (FSTM) of the University of Luxembourg we do have different research projects related to green energy contributing to the development of eco-cities. As a long-standing partner of our research unit, TT&MS has proven that they are able to answer even the most complex questions in a professional manner. They have shown that they are always up to date with the latest technology and do not spare any effort to look at the application and even the situation on site. The exchange of ideas was always very pleasant and took place quickly. We look forward to further years of fruitful cooperation.”


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