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In the past decades, we have gained a lot of experience with different measurement problems. To better serve you, we have written a supporting article for you, for a large number of applications. This way, you can get acquainted with our experiences in this area.

The articles, like the rest of the website, are subdivided into applications within the different divisions. We would like to ask you to check whether your application is listed or simply contact us to see if we can provide support for your application.


Energy management and the challenges of an autonomous Off Grid energy system

Energy management and the challenges of an autonomous Off Grid energy system

Energy management and the challenges of an autonomous Off Grid energy system

The Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine (FSTM) of the University of Luxembourg bought a Cinergia GE&EL AC/DC Plus2 All in one unit for their test laboratory because of the versatility of this unit. At the Energy and Environment department they do have different research projects related to green energy contributing to the development of eco-cities.

The challenges of an autonomous Off Grid energy system

On the Engineering side one goal is to be autonomous as far as possible in terms of thermal and electrical power supply. The aim is to achieve a self-sufficient supply in thermal (heating-cooling) and electrical energy produced on site in a regenerative manner. However renewable energy sources offer limited predictability and variability, which is a major challenge in an electricity grid where demand and supply must match at all times. To align electricity consumption and electricity production through variable renewable energy sources, demand response will play an important role in the future energy system. Demand response strategies are implemented with appropriate energy management systems, which enable demand to be shifted or reduced in order to improve the energy consumption and production profile of a building through optimal operational schedules. Model predictions and the fusion of the building energy system with ICT is crucial for assessing overall flexibility.

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Testing Ion-Lithium batteries

Testing Ion-Lithium batteries

On 13 February 2020, TT&MS was exhibitor at the second Energy Storage Event in the Van der Valk Hotel in Vianen.

Participants and interested parties were informed about the advantages and challenges of energy storage through neutral knowledge transfer.

TT&MS consultant André Handgraaf gave a general presentation on the testing of Ion-Lithium batteries and possible test solutions. For those who could not attend the Energy Storage Event or the lecture we have added the sheets and presentation in this message.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

We would like to introduce you to our range of battery test equipment and battery emulation equipment.

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Use of N4L PSM series with Linear Variable Differential Transformers

An LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) consists of a transformer with one primary winding, two secondary windings and a movable fixture. With the primary winding at the desired voltage and frequency, the size and relative phase of secondary winding changes as soon as the luminaire is moved.

There are two ways to detect the relocation: ratiometric and differential. This is what the N4L application note below is about.

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Testing of communication transformers with N4L PSM units

The PSM units from N4L are very suitable for manual or automatic testing (using a PC) of transformers. They have the measurement capability (DFT and true rms, of 10mHz to 2.4MHz) to carry out the most commonly required transformer tests, namely:

  • turns ratio
  • primary inductance and resistance
  • leakage inductance
  • interwinding capacitance
  • magnetising current
  • insertion loss
  • return loss
  • harmonics
  • thd
  • longitudinal balance

Most tests require a simple circuit, such as resistors to be mounted in a test fixture. The abovementioned tests can be found in the application note below.

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Water treatment and electrolysis

A variety of water treatment processes requires DC power supplies to generate an electric field. For this the output of the power supply will be connected to the electrodes in a water tank, creating a closed circuit.

The specific properties of the power supply ensure maximum control of voltage and current, guaranteeing a constant process control. Magna-Power’s power-operated DC power supplies increase reliability during this process.

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Giel van den Broeck

Giel van den Broeck


"TT&MS has always been ready to provide us with state-of-the-art testing and measuring equipment. Characteristic is that TT&MS offers an extremely good service, as well as extensive support in the specification and selection of the equipment. The employees are technically well versed, a valuable distinguishing factor compared to other players in the market. Moreover, this technical knowledge is accompanied by a constructive, solution-oriented and personal approach."

Signify Netherlands

Hans Misdom

Signify Netherlands

“I’ve known the people at TTMS for years. An open and honest relationship has developed in which we can say everything to each other, resulting in a short but powerful communication. This increases efficiency, both for me and for TTMS. Ever since I developed monitors at Philips, we have been using their video protocol test equipment for our latest protocols. By listening carefully, TTMS and their manufacturers respond to our needs. The mutual benefit is that we get good support and they make better testers. In my current developments and tests on Signify connected LED lighting systems, we use various power supplies, electronic loads and analyzers. If TTMS has something new that is of interest to me, they know that I am positively critical of it. I’m looking for reliable equipment that is easy to use and TTMS continues to keep an eye out for new possibilities. For many years now, we have had a pleasant cooperation that works both ways. They know the market well and know how to find the right manufacturers for the right equipment.”


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