APS4000 AC/DC power software for Avionics and Military

Itech, supplier of high-quality programmable AC/DC power supplies, among other products, offers a valuable addition for military and avionics test applications with the APS4000 software.

Electrical on-board equipment for Avionics, military and maritime applications must meet specific requirements and regulations. These include; Cabin entertainment systems, Aircraft lighting system, Airborne radar system, Communication and NavigationSystems, Flight recording system, Cockpit display system, Aircraft control systems, Atmospheric data and inertial reference systems. Thus, it is important that during development and production, the AC/DC board in question should just be simulated in accordance with the applicable (test) standards.

This APS4000 software features AC/DC board power standards for military and commercial aircraft, such as MIL-STD-704, DO160, A350, A380, GJB181B, HB20326 and MIL1399, etc., among others, which can realistically reproduce a variety of AC and DC power systems in the field of aviation, including DC 270Vdc, 28Vdc, single-phase AC 115VL-N/400Hz, three-phase AC 200VL-L/400Hz and the wide frequency range of 360Hz-800Hz.

The APS4000 includes four models, the APS4000-ASTD, APS4000-B787&AMD, APS4000-AVALL and APS4000 1399, which can cover different applications. The software’s user-friendly GUI helps to quickly select test items and complete the test.

The APS4000 AC/DC power software is used in conjunction with the Itech IT7800/IT7900P series high-performance programmable AC/DC power supplies with a power range of 5kVA-960kVA and suitable for a frequency range of 16Hz ~ 2400Hz.

For more information, please refer to the datasheet.

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