The Itech IT-M3140 series of programmable DC power supplies

Itech’s recently released IT-M3140 series can be used in practically any situation where a stable DC source is required. ITECH has chosen to cover a very wide voltage range with this series. Available in as many as 7 ranges from 30V to 1200V in both 1850W and 3000W versions in a compact housing. With its PowerFlex flexible control range, the IT-M3140 is even more universally usable than power supplies with a classic fixed control range. In addition, the power supply is fully programmable and DC sequences can be built to simulate, among other things, the behaviour of a distorted DC source.


The IT-M3140 has everything the demanding engineer expects from a programmable DC source. High stability of the requested DC voltage under varying load profiles or mains voltage fluctuations. Many safety functions that not only protect the power supply from overloads, but also protect the Device Under Test from damage. For this purpose, the IT-M3140 is also equipped with a priority mode to eliminate short current spikes. During switching between different voltage levels while testing sensitive electronics, this is essential.


Due to its flexible and accurate nature, the IT-M3140 series can be used in many applications. Consider a design department for communication modules frequently used in the automotive sector. These modules are powered with a DC voltage and it is necessary to test within which DC limits the modules remain operational.

The IT-M3140 also offers a solution when certifying and performing endurance tests on DC-DC converters for electric cars. These tests can be automated by integrating the power supply into an automatic test system (ATE). For this purpose, the IT-M3140 is equipped with the most common communication ports. Control software for controlling and programming is available free of charge.

With the IT-M3140 series, ITECH continues to innovate and expand their range of high-quality test equipment for the discerning technician.

For detailed specifications, please refer to the datasheet of the IT-M3140.

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