A new bipolar amplifier from NF corporation in the HSA series

NF corporation extends the HSA series of bipolar amplifiers with the new model HSA42052.

The HSA series already consisted of three accurate amplifiers for reproducing the most complex waveforms. With an external signal generator, waveforms can be amplified up to 150Vp-p with fixed values of 1x, 10x, 20x and 50x. Variable amplification is also possible between 1 to 3x the input voltage. These amplifiers feature a bandwidth of DC to 1MHz, making them unique in the high-frequency market with these high voltages and currents. They have a rise time of 475V per microsecond and a very low output impedance that is adjustable. There are three models in this series with up to 3Ap-p, 6Ap-p and 12Ap-p.

The extension With the HSA42052 provides a voltage range of up to 300Vp-p. However, the frequency range of this unit is limited to 500kHz and the maximum current is 5.66Ap-p. Need a higher voltage or power? With all HSA models, we can double the voltage and power using a second unit and an inverse input.


The gain of the HSA can be infinitely and precisely adjusted using a precision potentiometer. If higher voltages are required, 2 amplifiers can be coupled by means of a balanced arrangement. With the DC bias output, an offset can easily be given to the amplified waveform. To ensure safe operation and prevent damage to the amplifier, the NF HSA series is equipped with overvoltage and overload protection.


Due to the bipolar design of the HSA series, the amplifier is operational in all 4 quadrants. This allows it to supply and absorb current at both positive and negative voltages. This makes the HSA ideally suited to drive inductive and capacitive loads.

This also makes the unit suitable for applications such as impedance measurements on capacitances, coils, transformers and batteries. The demand for new developments in multilayer ceramic capacitors for automotive applications is rising rapidly. The target capacitance is increasing with the smallest possible housing. Combined with a frequency analyser, the HSA amplifier lends itself extremely well to developing, testing and characterising these capacitors.

Also for measuring resonance characteristics of piezo electric elements or evaluating the hysteresis curve in magnetic materials, this amplifier can serve perfectly.

In summary, NF Corporation’s HSA is a very complete amplifier that can be used under the most demanding conditions.

For more information, please refer to the datasheet.

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