IT-M3800 series regenerative DC Electronic Load

With this IT-M3800, Itech offers an ultra compact and solution for a wide variety of applications where a stable DC load is required. With this programmable regenerative load, energy-saving tests can be performed. The absorbed energy is not converted into heat but supplied back to the grid. This provides nice cost savings on energy bills compared to traditional loads.


Another interesting result of the regenerative design is the compact design of the IT-M3800. Powers up to 6kW are found in a 1U high enclosure and the 12kW powers in a 2U high enclosure. There are 7 voltage ranges available starting at 10V up to as high as 1500V for the highest range. The current range runs up to 720A which is an exceptional performance for such a compact design.

Need more power? The modular nature of the IT-M3800 range makes it extremely easy to connect multiple loads in parallel in a Master/Slave combination to expand power. Need multiple channels? The same high-power Master/Slave system can easily and without major modifications be divided back into a multi-channel setup, controlled individually or synchronously.


Partly due to its compact design, the IT-M3800 programmable load lends itself perfectly to space-saving installation in automatic test systems. All common communication interfaces are provided as standard on the unit for this purpose. LAN, CAN, and USB are standard and an optional GPIB and RS232/analogue interface is available.

This regenerative load can be used in numerous applications where a controllable load offers a solution for testing a product or design under different load profiles. Such as endurance testing or End-Of-Line control testing of automotive 48V power supplies, server power supplies and compact UPS systems.

But also very suitable to perform battery discharge tests. For this purpose, the IT-M3800 is equipped with a battery test function with the ability to set its own limits for capacity, voltage and duration.

This powerful compact electronic load is ready to simulate the most challenging DC load profiles and provide a solution for your test requirements.

For more information, please refer to the datasheet.

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