Itech IT7900P Regenerative Grid Emulator

Itech, supplier of AC/DC Power test solutions has introduced an “all-in-one test solution” with the IT7900P series, a combination of an AC/DC Grid emulator & regenerative AC/DC load. The IT7900 series grid emulator was already innovative considering its many features and user-friendly operation. So with the -P version, the unit is now also deployable as a 4 quadrant load in both AC and DC mode where the unit is also regenerative.

In AC mode, the IT7900P supports various operating modes including CC/CP/CR/CS/CC+CR/CE over a frequency range of 16-500Hz. In CE mode, it is possible to simulate various circuits including single phase DC, RLC and shunt RLC. The Crest factor is adjustable between 1.414 ~ 5.0. Also, this Grid Simulator features an anti-islanding test mode where RLC (resistive-inductive-capacitive), parameters are the define for testing Anti Island sensing circuits.

The Itech IT7900P models are available from 6kVA to 960kVA. The 3 phase output has a voltage range of 0-350V L-N and a frequency range of 16Hz – 2,400Hz in AC source mode. As a DC power supply, the voltage range is -495~495Vdc (1phase/multichannel) and -990~990Vdc in reverse mode. The IT7900P features an intuitive touch screen that ensures smooth operation and includes a built-in power meter, harmonics waveform synthesizer and scope function.

The STEP, LIST and PULSE modes make the ITECH IT7900 series suitable for simulating changing AC and DC grids. This includes e.g. short-lived PQ events. The analysis and simulation up to the 50th harmonic and the programmable output impedance makes the Itech IT7900 suitable for many applications including IEC testing. Remote operation is possible via the standard USB/CAN/LAN and digital I/O interfaces.

For more information, please refer to the datasheet.

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