Silicon carbide technology in the Cinergia All-terrain units

Cinergia’s GE&EL+ vAC/DC unit is the most complete and versatile converter on the market as a regenerative AC/DC power supply, load and amplifier. It is Cinergia’s entire catalogue in one unit.

A Grid Emulator (GE), an Electronic Load (EL) and a DC Bi-directional power supply(B2C). A three phase four quadrant power supply that can also be used as an amplifier. And this unique combination is now also equipped with Silicon Carbide technology. This creates a unique solution suitable for most test applications in renewable energy, Power HiL, smartgrids, batteries and electric vehicles.

Because of SiC technology, we naturally also see changes in specifications. For instance, the grid emulator bandwidth is now 1000Hz instead of 400Hz and we can programme harmonic distortions down to 5kHz. In addition, both output voltage and output current ripple have been significantly improved due to the higher switching frequency. And the efficiency of this unit has also been improved over the IGBT version.

Currently, the unit is only available in the 50kVA version but soon we expect to introduce the other models with this technology as well.

All in all, a great development for an even more versatile instrument in the applications of grid emulation, electronic loads and bi-directional power supplies.

For detailed specifications of this product, please refer to the datasheet.

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