The Elettrotest TPS/M/D series

The Elettrotest TPS series of single-phase AC power supplies has recently been extended with four new models in the power range from 1500VA to 9000VA. The TPS-D units have a completely redesigned user interface compared to the older models. The unit has a nice 7″ colour touchscreen display combined with a rotary knob to easily make all settings and read the actual measured values.

There are two voltage ranges: 0-150V and 0-300V and the frequency range is from 10 to 80Hz. These AC power supplies have an RS-232, RS485 and LAN interface as standard. A Labview driver is also available if you also want to use this AC power supply in an automated environment. The power supplies are protected against short-circuit, overload and excessive temperature.

All Elettrotest TPS AC power supplies in the single-phase series have an inrush current capability of 2x the rated current. And that for three seconds. This is interesting, for example, considering the inrush current of switched-mode power supplies, motors and compressors.

For detailed specifications, please refer to the TPS/M/D datasheets.


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