Zenone and Pacific Power new at TTMS

The world of power applications is developing at a rapid pace and the requirements and wishes for the necessary instrumentation are becoming higher and higher. In order to meet the wishes and requirements of the market, TT&MS is continuously looking for new suppliers and products so that we can also offer solutions for these special applications.

After having added the manufacturer ISEG in 2021 with a wide range of high voltage power supplies, TT&MS has now succeeded again in adding two suppliers to the portfolio. We are proud to announce that as of January 2022 the instruments of Pacific Power and Zenone are available at TT&MS.

Pacific Power develops technically advanced, reliable AC and DC power supplies. Pacific’s products range in power from 500VA to over 625kVA. The instrumentation is used in Power Line Conditioning, frequency conversion and programmable AC and DC test applications. Unique to this supplier are the regenerative power supplies up to 1000Hz with a voltage range of 440Vrms l-n and 760Vrms l-l (AMX) and the linear AC power supplies in the LMX Series with a frequency range up to 5kHz (harmonics up to 50kHz) and a power rating up to 30kVA.

Zenone’s product range includes static AC and DC current generators up to 50kA, single and three phase frequency converters up to 1MVA, single and three phase programmable AC Sources up to 1MVA, high power bipolar DC Sources up to 1200V and 1MW, high power regenerative DC Sources and AC Loads up to 500kVA.

Another addition to the already wide range of power supplies at TT&MS where we can now provide solutions for even more extreme applications.

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