High current AC power sources, Zenone’s GI series

Zenone power generators of the GI series are AC power sources. The series consists of models ranging from 500VA to 50kA/1000kVA for continuous or pulsed operation. Zenone AC power sources are available in single phase and three phase versions.

GI series power generators deliver a very stable alternating current at a variable frequency of 40 to 200 Hz. Up to three current ranges per unit are provided, with manual or automatic selection. Equipped with a modern and easy to use front panel interface with a large LCD display, the GI series controllers offer advanced capabilities for current test applications.

Remote control is possible via the standard isolated RS232 and RS485, or optional USB, LAN, and Fiber Optic Interfaces. Analogue inputs (Booster inputs) are also available and allow the units to be used as current amplifiers using external analogue signals. For example, they can be used as amplifiers to reproduce arbitrary current waveforms. Finally, eight digital inputs/outputs make it possible to perfectly integrate the GI series into production lines.

The GI series is ideally suited for laboratory applications (R&D), but also plays a major role in testing end products.
Specifically designed for testing circuit breakers, the GI series is equipped with a sequencer and timer, which can be used to set current and test time, and to accurately measure the switch-off time with a resolution of up to 1ms. Different modes such as ramp, drop out and loop are available to create test programmes and sequences according to standards or manufacturer’s procedures.

All these features make it possible to use the GI series in the following applications:

– Thermal and magnetic testing of switches, relays and fuses with trip time measurement.
– Heating tests of electrical contacts
– Testing of coils and transformers
– Testing and calibration of AC current measuring instruments

For more information about the Zenone GI series, please refer to the datasheet.

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