Protection Units

Protection Unit (IT-E165A & IT-E118)

Before starting a battery test cycle (e.g. charge – discharge) it is important to ensure that the DUT is connected correctly and that the voltage of the source and the DUT match. This is to prevent high currents to the output capacitors in the bi-directional DC power supplies.

Itech, supplier of an impressive range of bi-directional DC power supplies, has various Protection Units available for this purpose. These have a built-in detection circuit to detect the voltage difference and to determine whether it has been reversed. If the correct conditions are not met, the test circuit remains disconnected and possible damage to the power supply and/or battery is prevented.

Safety when testing batteries (energy storage devices) cannot be emphasised enough.

The so called Anti-reverse Protection Units are available in different versions, and are suitable for different voltage / current ranges.

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