The Electronic Single Cell Load

H&H, manufacturer of an impressive line of electronic loads and four quadrant power supplies, has developed the new SCL series especially for testing high-current DUTs such as fuel cells and battery cells. This electronic Single Cell load can load a connected voltage source up to 1,200 A at a minimum input voltage of only 600 mV (standard models) or even from 0 V (SCL ZV).

This series is available with a voltage range of 0-12V and 0-40V and suitable for currents of 400A, 800A and 1,200A. For even higher currents, several loads can be connected in parallel in a master-slave configuration. The various models are housed in a compact 19″ housing of only 2 U high.

Of course the SCL series has the standard functions of CC, CV, CR, CP mode. And the combined functions of CC+CV, CR+CC+CV, CP+CC+CV, CV+CC. In addition, these models have a number of functions specifically belonging to high current DUTs. These include determining the internal DC resistance of the connected DUT in accordance with, for example, DIN EN 61951, DIN EN 61960. This SCL series is also equipped with a discharge function, a modulator function in the frequency range from 0.1 Hz … 10 kHz and a datalog function with a time stamp.

For remote operation almost all common interfaces are available. RS-232, USB, LAN, CAN and analogue. GPIB is optional.

For more information about the Single Cell Load we refer you to the datasheet, or contact one of our consultants.

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