Kalibra International expands with calibration ovens from Isotech

Recently , an independent expert in the field of calibration and validation, purchased no less than eight Isotech portable calibration ovens from TT&MS.

The calibration department has been expanded with five Isotech Venus (temperature range -35°C to 140°C), two Jupiters (temperature range 35°C to 660°C) and one Pegasus (temperature range 150°C to 1200°C).


The units are part of the award-winning IsoCal-6 series. This series of temperature calibrators is designed to calibrate almost all types of temperature sensors.  As a multifunctional temperature calibrator it can be used as a Dry Block. However, with the use of accessories this calibrator can be made suitable as a liquid bath, ice bath, Blackbody source, temperature calibrator for surface sensors and as an ITS-90 fixed point system for low temperatures.

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