Magna-Power 10kW power supply only 1U high

Magna-Power, a leading supplier of high power, programmable, DC power supplies up to >3 MW, has added no less than 18 new, 10kW, 1U high models to its SL-Series. The new units have nominal voltages up to 1500 Vdc and nominal currents up to 250 Adc.

The complete SL series is characterised by 1U high, 19 inch wide programmable DC power supplies with a high power density. This makes the SL series extremely suitable for multi-channel, rack-mount integrations, at full power and with an ambient temperature range of -25°C to 50°C. Available from 1.5kW up to 10kW.

The SL-series has standard front panel controls, a 37-pin connector for isolated analogue and digital I/O and an RS232 interface. Remote interface software is also available. For application in ATE environments an IVI driver has been developed.

Available options include LXI TCP/IP Ethernet Interface (+LXI), IEEE-488 GPIB Interface (+GPIB), USB Edgeport (+USB), and High Slew Rate Output (+HS) for fast voltage changes.

For more information, please refer to the datasheet or contact one of our consultants.

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