The new Elettrotest XPS series 3-phase AC/DC Power Supplies


The Italian manufacturer Elettrotest has introduced a new line; the XPS series (eXtreme Power Supply). This line consists of three models with a power range from 18kVA to 67kVA. With extreme performances in the field of stability, accuracy and purity, this Elettrotest is in a class of its own, even with fully capacitive or inductive loads. Variable and pulsing loads are also no problem; the XPS provides a stable voltage within half a period. What makes these high power power supplies so special is their ability to deliver inrush currents that are up to 2 times higher than the nominal current. Even when the requested current exceeds this value, the voltage is temporarily reduced to ensure proper operation.

This makes the XPS very suitable for handling inrush and start-up currents. This makes it an ideal partner for testing all kinds of motors and switching power supplies. Due to its large frequency range of up to 1000 Hz, the XPS is particularly suitable for testing three-phase high-speed induction motors that are frequently used in machine construction. Also electrical systems in the aviation industry with frequencies up to 800Hz can be easily and accurately tested with the XPS.

Another striking new feature is the intuitive graphic touch screen with a clear open menu structure for easy operation. Voltage, phase angle between phases and frequency can be set independently per phase. Data can be stored with a USB stick and for automatic testing a LAN, RS-485 and RS-232 interface is provided.

For more information, please refer to the datasheet. If you have additional questions about this instrument, please contact one of our consultants.

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