Isocal-6, the multifunctional temperature calibration system from Isotech

The Isocal-6 series is the only calibration system in the world to offer you six different functionalities in one product. It is a complete temperature calibration laboratory in one simple, easy-to-use package. It is designed to grow with you in all your future calibration needs, while giving you the flexibility to meet your current budgetary requirements.

The Isocal-6 can calibrate temperature sensors absolutely or comparatively. It can calibrate contact and non-contact sensors, including infrared thermometers, surface sensors, mercury thermometers and thermocouples, RTDs and thermistors of any shape.


A Metal Block Bath (Dry Block Calibrator) provides fast and clean calibration of thermocouples, PRTs and other industrial temperature sensors. The Isotech blocks use a combination of multi-zone and advanced material technology to ensure constant temperature zones as well as high accuracy calibration. The interchangeable blocks with a diameter of 35 mm make it possible to calibrate multiple sensors simultaneously with fast warm-up and cool-down. For larger sensors, blocks up to 65 mm diameter and up to 300 mm insertion depth are available.


Remove the metal block and the Isocal-6 can be converted into a liquid bath. Shown is the Drago with a diameter of 65 mm, which makes it ideal as a portable liquid bath. With a liquid bath, for example, angled or awkwardly shaped sensors can be calibrated. The accuracy is greater than that of Dry Blocks alone and, with a suitable reference sensor, a performance of 0.005°C can be achieved. Depending on the version (basic, site or advanced version), a reference probe can be used which is connected to the SITE indicator or Advanced controller. The application of an external temperature probe is of course also possible with the TTI-10TTi-22milliK or microK units of Isotech.


The IsoCal-6 models which are also suitable for temperatures below 0°C can be used for a 0°C stirred ice/water bath. This provides a simple and inexpensive way to check, among other things, that standards do not expire in the meantime.



The addition of the black body target enables the testing of infrared thermometers. Low-cost non-contact IR thermometers are becoming more common in industry and the IsoCal-6 is ideal for testing and verifying these devices. The IR thermometer is pointed at the target and compared to a reference probe in the block.


With the Surface Sensor Kit, the test sensor is compared to a platinum resistance thermometer located just below the surface of the block. Again, save money on buying additional equipment by adding accessories needed to expand the IsoCal-6 for new calibration applications.


For best possible performance with uncertainties down to 0.0005 °C (0.5 mK) add an ITS-90 fixed point cell. The most popular is the B8 Water Triple Point Cell. It is inexpensive and easy to use. The Triple Point Cell can be made and maintained in the device without the need for any other equipment or supplies.

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