Magna-Power, programmable DC kilo-Ampere (kA) power supplies


Given the increasing developments in the field of high power DC applications, there is a growing interest from science and industry for programmable DC power supplies in the range from 100A to even several kilo-Amps!

The interest in such power sources is, among other things, stimulated by the frequent research into energy storage solutions. Developments that have an impact on both the operating voltage and the charging and discharging currents of batteries. For example, there is currently talk of so-called DC MegaWatt chargers (1,500V with charging currents of 1,000A and more) for the heavier EV applications (e.g. freight transport and maritime).

Such specifications are a challenge for engineers and researchers. At battery cell level, the relatively low cell voltage is not the problem, but the high currents in the required test set-ups are a new challenge. For such applications, Magna-Power has several programmable DC power supplies, suitable for low voltages and high currents.

In the 0-5Vdc voltage range, standard solutions are available from 0-250A to 0-4.500A. With the DC power supplies in the range of 0-16V, currents from 0-250A to even 0-6.000A are possible. Even higher currents are achievable by connecting 2 or more units in parallel.

Research but superconductors or electrolysis applications can also use such power supplies.

Magna-Power, manufacturer of high power DC power supplies, has an impressive number of no less than 500 different models of power supplies, in the voltage range from 0-5V to 0-10kV. And that in a power range from 1.5kW to 3.000kW+! The resulting currents are equally impressive.

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