Resistance meter for motor windings

The new RMIS resistance meter from Elettrotest can measure the resistance of the windings of a motor driven by a pulse width modulated (PWM) power supply. This can be done on a single-phase motor as well as a three-phase motor with a maximum voltage of 500Vac.


Using the resistance method, the RMIS can directly measure the resistance of the coil windings and obtain accurate resistance values without turning off the power. This for resistors in the range of 2 ohms (resolution 1m ohms) to 2000 ohms with an accuracy of 0.5%.

It is also possible to show the temperature graph of the motor on the large touch screen colour display. The unit is suitable for measuring both Asynchronous motors (single phase and three phase) and brushless PMSM motors.

For additional information about the RMIS Resistance Meter please refer to the brochure. Or contact one of our consultants.

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