The Vitrek PA920 High Precision Multi-Channel Harmonic Power Analyzer

Vitrek introduces the new PA920 series of power meters, setting a new standard in measuring accuracy in electrical power measurement. This power analyzer is equipped with broadband waveform digitizers with advanced computing power for an extremely competitive price.

The PA920 consists of a mainframe with 4-slots for different power analyzer channels. The possibilities in terms of channels vary in accuracy, bandwidth and internal powershunt ranges. Each channel has its own digitizer and FPGA for all calculations. All results of the different channels are brought together in the mainframe for further calculations and display on the large touchscreen color display. In addition to the measuring channels, a map is also available for measuring the mechanical energy of a motor in the form of torque and speed.


The Ultra high precision Twin shunt (UT) channels achieve a basic accuracy of 0.024% for power measurements, making this unit the most accurate power analyzer in its price range. Within the PA-900 series from Vitrek you have a choice of 20 different channel configurations. Do you need more than four channels? This is easy to realize by connecting multiple mainframes. This up to a maximum of 400 channels.


The high resolution display makes the Vitrek PA920 extremely easy to operate. The measurement results can easily be made visible in the form of a numerical display or by means of a waveform display. You can also perform efficiency calculations and, for example, harmonic calculations. By means of a freely programmable “custom display” you can even program the display of your measurements according to your own wishes. This way, the display can be perfectly personalized for each specific application.

The unit also has an extensive range of integrated standardization tests. These include Standby power measurements, the EN60034-2-1:2014 standard for measuring engine drives and avionics measurements such as the Airbus ABD0100 and Boeing 787B3-0147. All in all a very versatile power analyzer suitable for the most demanding applications.

For detailed specifications please refer to the datasheet of the Vitrek PA920/910.

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