AC power supply for production test egg grading machines

TT&MS supplied a customer specific 20kVA AC power supply from Elettrotest for Moba. This is used to generate a stable but adjustable 50Hz and 60Hz AC grid. The applied AC power supply is suitable for an output voltage of 0-150Vrms and 0-300Vrms L-N, and can be used in single and three-phase applications.

This special version is equipped with various three-phase connections and is used by the end user for the necessary tests during production and when assembling the complete system. For this purpose different AC grid conditions have to be simulated. This is in order to guarantee a good and reliable functioning of the end products, worldwide.

For practical reasons, the AC power supply is placed in a specially developed steel frame. This makes it suitable for transport by forklift truck. As a result, transport within the various production locations is guaranteed fast and safe.

AC power supplies are used in applications where a stable and clean (low THD) mains voltage is required. In many applications it is desirable to be able to vary both the output voltage and mains frequency. Besides generating a clean mains voltage, AC sources are also used to consciously generate harmonic distortion or other power quality related events.

This specific solution was part of the RTLZ programme ‘How it’s done’, click here for the item.

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