Special EV (Automotive) DC power supply

The picture on the side shows a customer specific solution of TT&MS BV where a 10 kW DC power supply from Magna-Power, adjustable between 0-800 Vdc, is used as a battery emulator. The special EV connectors are equipped with a safety interlock which in turn is connected to the interlock circuit of the DC power supply.

One of the main reasons is that a “real” battery is not always available. Moreover, in this case it is not necessary to take into account the relatively long charge/discharge times, possibly by adjusting the battery configuration (series/parallel). This offers a great advantage in terms of test time and flexibility.

Battery / battery voltage, electrical power, SOC (state of charge) are important characteristics of an energy storage device such as a battery or accu. For this, a battery emulator in the form of an adjustable, programmable, DC power supply can offer a huge solution. In addition to a variable output voltage, there are also battery emulators where, in addition to the Ri, the full, bidirectional battery can also be programmed.

We can build these cabinets with voltages up to 1500V and for any desired power.

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