Insulated DC power supplies up to 6,000 Vdc

Magna-Power Electronics, world leader in programmable DC power supplies, has added 35 new models to its existing series of programmable DC power supplies. The new, fully isolated, 3,000Vdc, 5,000Vdc and 6,000Vdc models have been added to four existing series and will be available in power ratings from 2.0kW to 1000kW+.

These new high voltage power supplies are offered in the same physical dimensions as the existing Magna-Power models with the same power ratings. This is one of the highest power densities available on the market for high voltage products.

Magna-Power’s product line now includes no less than 500 standard programmable DC power supplies. This with a power range from 1.5kW to 1.000kW+ in a voltage range from 0-5 Vdc to 0-10.000Vdc and a current range from 0.2Adc to 24.000Adc! The control of these power supplies is possible via the front panel, via LXI TCP/IP Ethernet, IEEE-488 GPIB, USB and RS-485 or via the 37 pin, isolated analog I/O connector.

For more information please refer to the new datasheets of the Magna Power XRTSMS and MT series.

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