Cinergia GE/EL version AC/DC Plus2

Cinergia has introduced a new model on the market where all previous models are combined in one unit. So you have a Grid emulator, a regenerative AC load, a DC power supply, a bipolar power supply, a regenerative DC load, a battery simulator, a battery tester, a PV emulator and a high power amplifier (hardware in the loop applications) in one instrument.
And then with specifications per functionality that you only see in the most advanced models of the competition.

With the grid emulator you can vary the amplitude per phase but also create different harmonic distortions. And there is also a possibility of a freely programmable frequency up to 2500Hz.
There are standard test protocols for, among others, the IEC61000 standards and Semi F47. You can also use the unit as a single channel or three channel amplifier. Because the unit is regenerative, it can also be used to test solar and wind inverters. But also bi-directional chargers for electric cars, buses and trucks.
And then you can use the same unit to test the battery capacity or use the unit as a battery emulator to test the underlying electronics.
The capacities of these units range from 15kVA to 200kVA per unit. In the unique plus2 platform, you can also connect multiple units in parallel, allowing power up to >2MW.

The hardware is supported by an extensive software package for the various functions. Direct control is also possible via Mobus commands or from NI Labview.

In short, a very versatile power supply / load for all your high power applications.
For more detailed information please check the datasheet.

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