IT8000 Programmable Regenerative DC load

With the recent introduction of the IT8000 series, high power, regenerative DC loads, ITECH once again proves its ability to respond to market demands.

The IT8000 programmable, regenerative load meets the need to perform energy saving load tests in energy storage applications such as high power UPS, storage battery, PV battery, EV and Fuel Cell.

The modular concept and high power density characterize the IT8000 series DC loads. This is reflected in an 18 kW unit with a height of only 3U. By connecting in parallel in a master-slave configuration, powers up to 1.152 kW are achievable! The IT8000 is already available in 6 voltage ranges starting at 80Vdc up to 2.250Vdc up to currents of over 2.040A. It also supports the import of LIST files via the USB port on the front. Remote control is possible via the standard built-in USB/CAN/LAN and digital IO communication interfaces.

This electronic load series from ITECH enables the user to simulate the most diverse load profiles where the consumed energy is fed back to the grid. This design therefore contributes to significant savings in energy consumption and in the sometimes necessary additional cooling facilities.

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