Electronic load now possible from 0V!

Dissipate at 0 Volt current. That is not possible, I hear you say. That’s right, but H&H has managed to reduce the operating range of a number of models from the PLI series, electronic loads, to an almost short circuit (10 mV).

The so-called ZERO Volt models of the PLI series are available from 1.000W (60A) to 17.000W (720A) and suitable for voltages up to 60Vdc. With a lower limit of 10 mV. This makes these electronic loads extremely suitable for testing, for example, Fuel Cells where cell voltages of < 1V are present. The relatively high currents at such low working voltages make quite some demands on the electrical connections and cabling. It is therefore very important to compensate for the voltage drop that occurs over the cabling. The ZERO Volt models from the H&H PLI series are suitable to compensate for a voltage drop up to 0.5V.

An electronic DC load is mainly used for testing DC power supplies, fuel cells, batteries, etc. For the latter application, the PLI unit has a specific function to determine the internal resistance of the battery or accumulator.

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