Damage and malfunctions in companies due to poor quality of the power

The NOS (Dutch News Network) reports this week about damage and malfunctions in companies due to poor quality of the power.

Inverters, LED lights and variable speed drives are causing more and more interference and this modern technology is itself more sensitive to pollution of the mains.

Think of harmonics or distortion of the voltage and current forms, a bad power factor, voltage dips, interruptions and overvoltages, flicker and imbalance between the phases.

The consequences can be: the efficiency, capacity, safety and lifespan of equipment are reduced and the number of failures and failures of equipment are increased.

Fortunately, it is possible to test and measure how much disturbance is caused and how sensitive equipment is to disturbance.

For this purpose, TTMS offers programmable power supplies, loads and accurate power analyzers:

Regenerative AC power supplies
Grid Emulation
Power meters

Please also read our presentation on this subject:

β€œIs your design resistant to mains pollution, harmonic distortion and a bad power factor?”

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