Starter interface makes testing of intelligent battery and battery chargers easier

The successful PLI series, programmable electronic loads, from H&H is now also suitable for testing intelligent chargers. This by adding the optional Starter Interface (PLI16).

Most intelligent battery chargers do not start the charging process until a suitable battery voltage or output voltage is detected. With the optional starter interface, the PLI series can be used to start a discharge cycle by applying a suitable voltage to the output of the PLI series loads.

This so-called Charger Starter Interface (CSI) can be installed as an option (PLI16) on any model of PLI load with a 60V or 120V voltage range. This battery emulation mode only works in battery charging mode. We start with a suitable charging voltage for the battery charger.  As soon as the charger starts supplying power, the PLI load will follow a pre-programmed voltage profile. This is to simulate the voltage rise of a battery or battery. Throughout the process, voltage and current are measured and stored in the electronic load for further evaluation on reporting.

More information can be found in this application note.

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