The ACL series AC Loads from H&H

Höcherl & Hackl introduces the new electronic three-phase AC load: the ACL series.

With the ACL series, H&H makes it possible to load three phases of an AC three-phase system with only one device. This allows compact test systems to be implemented without complex wiring of the control electronics. The three load phases can also be connected in parallel to load a single phase. DC operation is also possible.

The ACL series can operate in CC, CV, CR and CP mode. Combinations of these modes are also possible. Six power versions are available from 3x 1.400W up to 3x 8.400W. This in combination with a 280V AC or a 500V AC input (400V and 700V DC). The frequency range is from 40 to 1000Hz.

Convenient functions for waveform generation, such as the superposition of harmonics, phase cuts, phase shift in conjunction with adjustable crest factor or phase cut and arbitrary waveforms, are implemented as standard.

The new generation of loads features a brilliant 4.3″ touch display with which all functions of the device can be operated. User settings can be set and stored individually. LAN, USB, RS232 and CAN interface are standard; GPIB optional. The specifications of this series can be found in the datasheet.

LAN, USB, RS232 is CAN-interface is standard; GPIB optional

The specifications of this series can be found in the datasheet.

If you have any questions about prices or delivery times, or if you want a demonstration of the ACL series, please contact us. We will gladly advise you in choosing the best solution for your application.

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