The Cinergia GE/EL+ version AC/DC/VPA

You know from us the Cinergia regenerative Grid emulators, the AC loads, the DC power supply, the DC load, the battery emulator and the Power Amplifier.

All versatile instruments that allow us to test extensively to certain standards and save quite a bit on energy costs due to the regenerative power of these units.

What is new is that you can also get a combination of this functionality in one unit. The Cinergia GE/EL+ version AC/DC/vPA. The most complete version of the Cinergia plus family. Applications for this unit include testing electric charging stations and UPS systems.

Using Grid emulation, we can see if the poles meet the standards and where the limits are in terms of the AC input of the charging station. We can then use the same unit to test the AC or DC output of the charging station for voltage, current and power range.

But also consider applications such as testing UPS systems where we can test both AC input, battery charging, battery discharge and AC output with one unit. The same goes for Solar Inverters, AC/DC inverters, DC/DC converters, AC motors, DC motors and many more applications.

Cinergia units are available in capacities from 15kVA to 200kVA where power can be increased by parallel connection of several units.

For detailed specifications of the Cinergia models, please refer to the Cinergia datasheets:

GE+ vAC datasheetGE+ vAC-DC datasheet

EL+ vAC datasheetEL+ vAC-DC datasheetGE&EL+ vAC datasheetGE&EL+ vAC-DC datasheet

B2C+ datasheet

If you have any questions about prices or delivery times, or would like a demonstration of the GE+EL-AC/DC/VPA series please contact us. We will be happy to advise you on choosing the best solution for your application.

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