Extension of the PLI series of electronic loads from H&H

The PLI series from H&H is a particularly comprehensive series of DC loads with 103 models from 600W to 28.8kW and a voltage range from 60V to 800V. And with the expansion of the PLI series there will be 11 new models with a maximum voltage of 1200V. and a power range of 2400 W to 14400 W. And add to that the 17 new high current models (300V and 600V versions) in a power range of 3200 W to 25200 W. That brings us to 131 different models. And if that is not enough in terms of power, all PLI models can be expanded in power through master/slave setups.

The PLI series of electronic loads with high voltages up to 1200 V has the extension HV in the model name. The high-current models have EC as the extension.

As usual within the PLI series, these new electronic load models again offer convenient operation through a graphical user interface. The highlight of the entire PLI series is the wide variety of standard interfaces. In addition to Ethernet, USB, RS-232 and Analog interface, there is a standard CAN interface. Programming is done in SCPI syntax.

These electronic loads can function as constant current load, constant voltage load, constant power load and constant resistance load. In addition, current and voltage protections can be set in each load function. A static data acquisition function allows measurement data to be stored on an external USB flash drive. There is also a possibility of dynamic loading of the DUT. This can be pulsed with adjustable values between 0 and 100% and of course with adjustable duration and ferquency. Also with dynamic loading the acquired measurement data including timestamp can be stored on USB stick.
With a configurable trigger model the data acquisition of both static and dynamic loads can be started.

An electronic DC load is mainly used for testing DC power supplies and batteries. For the latter application, the PLI unit has another specific function to determine the internal resistance of the battery or accumulator.

With the expansion of the PLI series of DC loads, we naturally also have a new PLI datasheet for you with all the specifications. We have several suppliers of DC loads as well as other series of H&H DC loads. Click here for an overview page of all our electronic loads.

If you have questions about prices and/or delivery times, or would like a demonstration of one of the PLI Series DC loads please contact us. We will gladly advise you in choosing the best DC load for your application.

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