H&H PMLA series Multi-channel electronic load up to 1800 W

H&H PMLA series Multi-channel DC loads
The new H&H PMLA electronic load is a configurable multi-channel load up to twelve channels. The load has up to three cooling units, each with four mounting slots for load modules.

The modules are available in four power classes and four voltage ranges. The voltage ranges are 40 V, 60 V, 120 V and 240 V. The load currents range from 1 A up to 120 A. Depending on power, a module occupies one (150 W), two (300 W), three (450 W) or four slots (600 W).

Various loads can be configured, for example 1 x 600 V + 1 x 450 W + 2 x 300 W + 5 x 150 W. The total power is max. 1800 W. The loads can be configured easily to test your multiple output applications.

The H&H PMLA multi-channel load can be used for calibration of driver outputs, consumer test of electrical systems and testing of batteries and accumulators. It can also be used for testing of cables, absorbers, DC/DC converters, electronic assemblies, electronic fuses and cut-off, fuse boxes, ECUs, power distributors and sensors.

The load inputs are galvanically isolated from each other. For requirements with multi-channel Burn-In equipment it is simple to configure a tailored system based on the PMLA.

Operation modes and functions
Various operation modes are possible: constant current, constant voltage, constant power and constant resistance mode. Adjustable current or voltage protection as well as voltage and current measurement functions are available. A dynamic mode is also possible, allowing up to 100 setpoints. The data acquisition function records up to 100 measurement points (time, voltage, current) at each channel and saves it internally. LabVIEW drivers are available.

Interfacing and remote operation
Extensive data interfaces are available. Ethernet, USB and RS-232 are standard. Analog I/O, CAN and GPIB are optional. Programming is done in SCPI syntax which also offers measurement functions. All channels can be individually addressed.

Please check the datasheet for more information.

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