A 1 to 4 channel power analyser from Vitrek

The PA900 series is a 1 to 4 channel power analyser where one can work with different modules in one mainframe. Operation of this power analyser is super easy thanks to the high-resolution touch screen. You simply select which measurement results you want to see on the screen, but a graphic display of the harmonic components is also possible. Or an oscilloscope display of the input signals. Complex operation of power and energy meters is thus truly a thing of the past

This PA 900 power analyser also stands out for its high accuracy and versatile functionality. With a bandwidth of up to 5 MHz, the PA 900 is also an excellent harmonics analyser.

Depending on the required specifications, you can choose from:
A base module with a bandwidth of 1MHz and an accuracy of 0.1%.
For precision applications, there is also a module with an accuracy of 0.03%.
For higher frequencies, there is a card with a bandwidth of up to 5MHz and for extremely low voltages, there is a module up to 10uV.
Especially for motor applications, there is also a torque/speed input module.

Using a synchronisation bus, this 1 to 4 channel power analyser can be expanded to a maximum of 20 channels.

For detailed information, please refer to the datasheet.

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