Regenerative Electronic Loads from Cinergia

Regenerative electronic loads.
Regenerative electronic loads become interesting when one wants to load DUTs with high powers. Resistor loads or standard electronic loads then have two disadvantages.
The first is the heat generated. Often, with air conditioning systems, one has to keep the temperature below a certain level, which, of course, involves additional costs.
The second problem is that one often needs an additional heavy mains connection in order to test at all. For this, the power company charges additional fees (which also recur monthly).

For these applications, the Cinergia EL regenerative electronic loads offers a perfect solution. About 80% of the power absorbed from the grid is fed back to the grid by the regenerative load.

The Cinergia EL load is capable of working in constant impedance mode, constant current mode, constant power mode and as a harmonic load (up to the 15th harmonic).
A unique feature of the EL load is that it is able to set the power factor completely freely, allowing for a true inductive or capacitive load (this is unlike most other electronic loads that simulate this with an adjusted crest factor and phase angle).
The EL load in AC version has a range up to 480Vrms, 230Arms and 40-400Hz, with a maximum output of 200kVA (parallel switching is possible). The three phase output is completely independent per phase.

The DC load has a range of up to 750V and 230A DC. The system is built around a proven output stage with a unique DSP control, which is completely freely programmable.
Standard software is included so you can get started right away.
If you have a specific application, a customer-specific solution can also be provided through custom firmware / hardware.
The EL loads have a standard Modbus and TCP (Ethernet) interface. Optional RS485 is also available.

As application of such a load you can think of testing (fast) charging stations for electric cars, the board net of a ship, aircraft or train, as well as testing UPS systems or high power AC or DC power supplies.

In short, for those who are looking for Electronic Load for high power and want to do this as efficiently as possible, the Cinergia EL is the ideal tool.

For detailed specifications of the Cinergia EL load click here.

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