Portable 1 kVA AC/DC power supply from NF Corporation

Japan’s NF corporation has developed a new AC power supply suitable for the European market.

The EC1000S is a 1 kVA power supply that can be used as both an AC power supply and a DC power supply. As an AC power supply, you have a voltage range of 0-270VAC rms and a frequency range of DC to 550Hz. As a DC power supply, you have a voltage range of 0 to + and -380Vdc.
In addition, the power supply can be used as an amplifier. You can also use the internal arbitrary function generator to generate signals or choose a combination of internal and external source. When using the internal generator, it is possible to set a phase angle.

Besides generating voltage and current, this unit is equipped with a full-fledged power meter. These measurement functions give the user a quick picture of recorded effective power, reactive power and crest factor, harmonic distortion and, of course, voltage and current.

All settings are easily made using a sophisticated menu structure and the large display. Of course, external programming is also possible using the standard USB interface.

For detailed specifications of the NF EC1000S power supply, click here.

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