PMLI Series multi-channel electronic load

Hoecherl & Hackl (H&H), a leading supplier of electronic loads, has introduced the PMLI series of multi-channel electronic loads. This series consists of a 19″, 2 HU main frame, in which up to 12 load modules can be placed.

The electronic loads in the PMLI series are available in 60V, 120V and 240V versions with 150W, 300W, 450W and 600W per module. This therefore directly reflects the high degree of flexibility in putting together the desired configuration. The 150W version is a single-lock version. The higher power ratings are two-, three- and four-lock versions respectively. By letting the air flow through the front to the rear for the necessary cooling, it becomes possible to place several multichannel load frames directly on top of each other. This makes the PMLI Multiload particularly suitable for use in burn-in test systems.

Each load module operates in constant current mode with a programmable trigger voltage. A 0-10V monitor output is available for each channel for voltage and current. A 0-10V analogue input can also be used for setting the load current. For integration into automated measurement environments, LabView drivers are available. In addition, H&H has a PMLI test automation tool. The channels can be addressed individually or in groups, while the available system bus allows mutual master/slave configurations.

For detailed information on the various load modules and their specifications, please refer to the PMLi datasheet.

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