MilliK precision thermometer from Isotech

The arrival of the milliK precision temperature gauge from Isothermal Technology Limited (Isotech) completes the range of microK thermometers with a model suitable for standard temperature calibrations with accuracies of up to ±8 ppm (PRTs). The design of the milliK is based on that of the microK. The milliK is suitable for measurements with platinum resistance thermometers (PRTs), thermocouples, thermistors and 4-20mA industrial sensors. High accuracy is combined with a resolution of 0.0001° C. The unit has two input channels for temperature sensors and an isolated input for 4-20mA signals. Of course, it is possible to store the calibration data of your reference probes in the milliK’s internal memory.

The milliK can also be used as a controller for automatic temperature calibration. You can set a sequence of temperatures after which the milliK can control the temperature oven, take measurements at the appropriate temperature level and store the data in internal memory, then control the oven again for the next temperature level. The data can be read out again via RS232, USB or Ethernet. Data storage on a USB stick is also possible.
All in all, a highly universal thermometer that should not be missing in your temperature laboratory as a working standard.

For detailed information on the new milliK thermometer, click here.

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