Meatest programmable resistance decade bank M632

Decadebank M632: 1ohm to 1.2M ohms, 10 micro ohm resolution

MEATEST, supplier of high-quality calibration standards has added a new programmable resistance decadebank to its program: decadebank M632.

The decadebank M632 stands out for its relatively high accuracy of 0.003%. The range is from 1 Ω to 1.2MΩ with a maximum resolution of 10microΩ. The resistance decads are formed by using high-quality and stable film resistors in combination with a relay matrix.

In addition to the resistance function, the M632 can also be used as a programmable PT simulator. Control of the instrument is possible via RS232 (optionally USB, LAN or the GPIB interface). The excellent specifications of this instrument are realized in part by the use of an internal linear power supply with a particularly low noise level.

The Meatest programmable resistance decadebank M632 was developed for calibrations of resistance meters and DMMs. In addition, the decadebank is still used in industrial applications for circuit tuning.

For details of this decadebank, please refer to the datasheet.

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