Meatest M525 Programmable Capacity Decade Bank

The M525 is specially designed for capacitance range calibration of multimeters and LCR meters. This decade bank has a range of 100pF to 100uF at a basic accuracy of 0.25%. The maximum operating voltage is 50V. Besides being used in the calibration or quality laboratory, this decade bank is also excellent for use in automated measurement setups where remote control is required.

This programmable capacitance decadebank is constructed from high-quality components including a relay matrix and capacitors based on polypropylene dielectric.

The calibration procedure of the M525 is such that recalibration is relatively simple. Also based on the measured values of the capacitors in the instrument, new calibration data is stored in the internal memory. The instrument contains both calibration data for floating and grounded configurations.

Meatest’s M525 is controllable via the RS232, USB, LAN or GPIB interface and optionally suitable for 19-inch mounting.

For detailed specifications, please refer to the M525 datasheet.

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