Meatest, 3 phase power / energy calibrator

MEATEST has launched a new, compact, 3-phase power/energy calibrator with the model M-133C. The M-133C offers up to 30 amps per phase. The voltage range is from 0 to 280 Vrms. The phase angle between voltage and current can range from 0 to 360 degrees. The phase between different voltages and currents is also separately adjustable. Voltage and current are available as AC and DC.

This at an accuracy of 0.05% in a relatively compact housing. The output voltage is adjustable in 5 different ranges. For the output current, even 6 ranges are available. With a special power adapter, the 3 current outputs can be combined into a single-phase with as much as 90 amps over the frequency range from 16 to 1000 Hz.

Among other things, the Meatest M-133C calibrator is suitable for generating a defined distortion on the fundamental sinusoidal output signal. This is achieved by adding harmonics and interharmonics components up to 5 kHz. This feature is partly necessary for the calibration of power network analysers.
Simulating electrical power can be set independently for each phase. The M-133C is also equipped with a 5.5-digit DC multimeter for the calibration of various types of power transducers.

For detailed specifications of the M-133C click here.

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