Isotech Advanced Series dry block calibrators

The award-winning ISOCAL-6 series was the first temperature calibrator, which can be used both as a “dry block” also as a liquid bath. The Isotech Advanced Series remains the only device in the market that can be configured in six different ways to calibrate different temperature sensors. So you have a dry block function and a temperature bath function. But also a black body (infrared temperature gauges) surface temperature gauges, fixed point cells for accurate SPRT calibrations and an ice bath function.

The Isotech Advanced Series was expanded in the past to include models with a built-in temperature indicator (unique for the time), the site versions. Isotech has now expanded this series again with the Isotech Advanced Series . A new series of “dry block” calibrators with even higher accuracy and with even more functionality.

For example, there is now a multi-channel temperature indicator (3) with advanced logging capabilities. A calibration sequence can be programmed where the set temperatures are automatically run through and the measurement data from the DUT is automatically stored. This provides increased efficiency for your calibration process. Data is “logged” to a USB memory stick or the internal memory and can be opened directly in Microsoft Excel™. Readout is also possible via the standard LAN interface.

The range of the ISOCAL 6 series goes from -45˚C to 1200˚C The wide applicability is expressed in particular by the ability to calibrate RTDs. Thermocouples, Thermostats, Thermistors and process inputs (4-20mA). These new blocks with lighter, stronger construction utilize the latest technologies to help users calibrate a wide variety of industrial temperature sensors. The new advanced models coexist with the current range of models, allowing users to choose the model most suitable for their individual application.

For detailed specifications, please refer to the new Isotech website.

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