Arbitrary Waveform Generators from Spectrum

High resolution, high speed AWG’s from Spectrum

Two quantities that are normally contradictory. The higher the resolution, the lower the sample rate. Spectrum, however, comes up with a good mix here. The new M4i.66xx Arbitrary Waveform Generators have a resolution of 16-bit at a maximum sample clock of 1.25GS/sec.
The M4i.66xx family consists of five models: a 1 and 2-channel, 1.25GS/sec card as well as a 1, 2 and 4-channel, 625MS/sec card. The cards have standard 2GS memory.The M4i series is based on a PCI Express 8 lane interface. In combination with FIFO mode, it is also possible to send data streams from the PC to the internal memory (max 1.5GB/s). This allows “real-time” adjustment of the output signal in, for example, radar applications.
In addition to the analog channels, each card has three digital I/O channels. All channels on one card are of course synchronized. Through a star-hub option it is even possible to synchronize up to 8 cards.

All Spectrum cards come with a comprehensive package of software. Of course, you can use the Spectrum Sbench6 software for creating waveforms. In addition, drivers are available for Labview, Labwindows and Matlab. For low-level programming, Windows and Linux drivers are also available.

For detailed information, please refer to the Spectrum AWG M4i.66xx datasheet.

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